Friday, December 20, 2019

Why African Americans Living For Low Ses Communities Are...

Abstract The objective of this qualitative research paper is to explore articles that provide evidence in answering why African Americans living in low SES communities are at high risks of CVD. The articles used in this paper suggest that there are multiple risk factors that influence the health behavior of African Americans living in low-income communities. In addition the articles social determinants of health, such as access to quality health care services, access to quality education and jobs, residential segregation, social norms and attitude. This paper looks to examine the ways that health organizations are addressing health disparities in local communities and ways to drive different results with proven intervention to better health outcome. A more effective universal intervention mechanism needs to be revamped so that they take into account the history and culture of the minority populations. Peoples daily life activities, such as their work environment, the recreational activities that they participate in, and their social status affect their behavior towards diseases and disease prevention. These are factors that must be taken into account by health departments in local communities when designing interventions geared toward reducing health disparities. Keywords: socioeconomic status (SES), cardiovascular disease (CVD), African American, risk factors, social determinants, and health disparities, institutionalized racism. 1. IntroductionShow MoreRelatedHeart Disease And Health Outcomes2279 Words   |  10 Pagesdifferent health outcomes that are ascertained due to various socioeconomic conditions. One such outcome is heart disease, which is a grave public health concern, due to its chronic effects and the sheer numbers of people living with the disease. Every year about 610,000 Americans die from heart disease, approximately 1 in every 4 deaths. Coronary heart disease is the most prevalent type of heart disease, resulting in more than 370,000 deaths annually. It tolls the United States approximately $108Read MoreWomen Are Living Longer Than Men2230 Words   |  9 PagesWomen are living longer than men but is there a widening gap of health outcomes between men and women? Can this gender gap in mortality/morbidity effects be explained by the gender paradox? This essay will analyze whether the gender paradox can explain the health outcomes of men and women and what the causes of the gender paradox are exactly. The gender paradox theorizes that men are more likely to die earlier compared to women, however women report higher morbidity levels and indicate diminishedRead MoreObesity Project Title : Obesity10262 Words   |  42 Pagesis a prime area to take control of obesity with certain requirements and incentives. Certain socioeconomic status groups can be targeted to decrease their risk of obesity and the stress factors that are included in their lifestyles. Certain stressful demographic areas can be assessed to promote less stressful lifestyles to decrease obesity risk and to educate about the importance of good sleeping patterns. The issue of obesity in America has progressed from beyond troublesome to potentially catastrophicRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesprovided by instructor) Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea 177 Ji nan Broadcasting Corporation 196 4 PROJECT MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES 205 Quasar Communications, Inc. 207 Jones and Shephard Accountants, Inc. 212 Fargo Foods 216 Government Project Management 220 Falls Engineering 222 White Manufacturing 227 Martig Construction Company 229 Mohawk National Bank 231 5 NEGOTIATING FOR RESOURCES 235 Ducor Chemical 237 American Electronics International The Carlson

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